We manage an effective and tested system to subscription management


10 years' experience of print and online media

Our in-depth knowledge of the publishing sector allows us to offer an efficient, well-tested system for subscription management. Whether your media company produces online or print magazines, we are there to help.

We offer consultancy to the handle customer services, data management and dialogue and segmentation tools, as well as consultancy on telemarketing administration, distribution guidance and enrolment.



Repiit Media Basic Module

Ensure efficient, secure control of the process to the publisher
Ensure quick updating of your customer database and fewer errors of registration
Change Subscription
Ensure your customer of a secure and flexible agreement
Interrupt Subscription
Ensure that the customer has a positive experience of flexibility
Holiday notification
Ensure high reader figures and minimize withdrawal during holiday periods
Adresse changes
Ensure a higher number of correctly received items in the post
Restarting former subscriptions
Prevent people exploiting offers and retain the history of all customers
Free Subscriptions
Allows you to reward loyal customers with a free subscription for a period of your choice
Handling of returned mail
Ensure increased rate of reception, customer satisfaction and lower delivery costs
Payment Services
Increased customer loyalty, improved liquidity and fewer reminders
Library Subscriptions
Allows you to reach schools and institutions with a single collection
CPR module

Ensures correct information from the CPR register (of persons), so you can avoid sending material to customers who have indicated they do not wish to receive marketing information

Duplication checks 
Ensures that you do not fall victim to poor payers and that you do not address several messages to the same customer
Gift subscriptions
Option to add recipient whilst invoicing another person
Campaigns with gift
Ensures more flexibility for your marketing campaigns
Online balance sheet
Ensures a clear, accessible overview for your customer service operatives and for the customer
Public institutions
Option to address public institutions via EAN control
Online/recurring payments
Ensure 100 percent-safe payment with all known credit card types through automatic charging, thereby lowering transaction costs
Register incoming payments
Ensure reception of all kinds of currencies payment forms and thereby efficient work procedures
Reminders and debt collection
Ensure optimal procedures concerning reminders, to avoid late payments 
Telephone service
With your own telephone number, individualized opening hours, and personal service in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English
Foreign subscriptions
Ensure effortless dispatch of items abroad with automatic calculation of extra postage fees.


Repiit Media Supplementary Module


Repiit Dialogue
Allows up to 15 automated actions/mails direct to your subscribers, and thereby promotes continued loyalty amongst your customers, members and subscribers
Repiit Consult
Involves our input of considerable know-how around recruitment through telemarketing, dialogue marketing, SMS, Facebook, www and other media.
Repiit API
Integrates other systems/solutions and at the same time uses your website as an interface. Integration may take place through emails, newsletter systems, SMS providers and platforms. Repiit data can be integrated to conform to your precise needs.
Repiit Client
Is your customers' 24/7 online access to the system, allowing them to administer their own data, pay, change products, terminate or interrupt subscriptions and much more. Repiit Client can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.
Repiit Stats
Provides you a vast of statistics to illuminate everything from reasons for cancellation, campaign CPO, duration, turnover, liquidity, etc. We can also provide data in the format that you prefer find most useful. Dynamic statistics give you a realistic overview of who your customers are and where they are at any moment in time.
Repiit SMS modul
Enables prolonged customer loyalty, recruitment of new subscribers and launching of competitions – based on enriched data such as areas of interest, buying patterns, geography, subscription periods, payment methods etc.
Repiit Selfservice module
Brings possibility to manage the customer service aspect on your own, which is possible via Repiit Manager