We love subscriptions

– The best subscription system for webshops, NGO's & organisations in the world?

Our vision is clear, we want to be the best subscription system there is. Repiit makes your webshop offer your products and service via subscription. Both front and backend are designed to be super user friendly. We have a full Api-catalog. 

Repiit handles more than 250.000 subscribers every day. 

Repeated, value-adding purchase experiences create greater customer loyalty and boost income. When you offer your customers the option to make recurring payments, they reap the benefits in the form of more freedom and more free time.

Buying habits have changed drastically in recent years. Consumers increasingly opt for recurring services rather than making a one-off purchase. Buying physical goods such as consumables for delivery on a regular basis makes life easier for many people, especially families.


The consumer expects a personal, value-adding buying experience with 24/7 access and preferably the ability to use different media.

Irrespective of your position in the process as a business owner or association, Repiit can assist you, using our in-depth knowledge of subscription and membership management. What is more, we have developed and thoroughly tested our system, so that you can be confident of creating durable and strong relations with your customers and members.


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